Ina Leite Duarte

Ina Leite Duarte

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First Name * Ina
Last Name * Leite Duarte
Username * azhhael
Country * Brazil
City Belo Horizonte
Nationality Brazilian
Languages EnglishPortuguese



Availability: Freelance


Iná Leite Duarte (Azhhael) – In the music:
I am a serious and competent professional, formed in Advertising since 2003 by UNI-BH, i attended Degree Course in Classic Guitar until the seventh period in the School of Music of UFMG, i intend to come back to the course in 2008 to have it finished (or when i can, who knows if I will get a good job until there). Musician, singer, musical producer, composer and teacher, already worked in diverse schools of music teaching classic guitar and pop guitar, solo and base electric guitars, I know sing lyric and popular kinds of music, keyboard and piano, advanced basic theory, bass, performance, infantile teaching, teaching chorale and already prepared diverse pupils for the graduation tests at EMUFMG with success. Already conducted amateur chorales, it sang lyric in diverse events as solo voice and chore (dramatic soprano 1 but capable to jump until contralto), played instrument during years having passed by guitarist solo/base and singer 1, drummer, keyboarder and pianist. Iná already worked with sound engineering and writings having produced diverse bands´ songs until the mastering process, jingles and spots, I have experience in composing softwares, edition, composition, MIDI and others.

Iná Leite Duarte (Azhhael) – in Computer Graphics:
I have ample experience in 3D, Digital Animation, I´m degreed in Advertising since 2003 by UNI-BH. Already it worked as freelancer, Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) Director at PillBox Animation Studios, also in the position of Technical Director (TD). I work in computer graphics since 2001, more specifically with Maya and I am teacher of Advanced Digital Animation in the Pos Graduation in Digital Animation at UVA-RJ, and I have video classes selling by Virtus Media. I already worked as video designer and with composition of digital images. I worked in production of commercial for TV, games, printed media, video classes, among others projects for Brazil and Foreign. I also do lectures and workshops, I write tutorial article for diverse online magazines, portals and printed magazines, and I am President of the Official Brazilian Community of Autodesk - AAUGA Brazil (off now...) and to know more about me, please visit my website